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Iwamoto Takashi

Welcome to the website of photographer Takashi Iwamoto.

I have spent a long time building my career as a photographer and videographer based in Kenya. Inspired by the beautiful landscapes, diverse cultures, and wildlife of the African continent, I have walked the path of visual storytelling.

My experience in video production for a wide range of TV programs and public projects has enriched my work, honing my video production skills in various fields, from international projects to local community initiatives.

My strength lies in respecting the beauty of nature and cultural diversity, and conveying it through video and photography. My camera has become an essential tool to capture the movements of wildlife, the expressions of people, and the breath of landscapes, crafting visual stories.

Furthermore, through my experience in a wide variety of projects, I have learned to bring clients' visions to life and effectively convey their messages. From video production to photography and editing, I provide professional skills to capture beauty and emotions and effectively convey messages.

Feel free to ask any questions or consult with me. I am prepared to enhance your visual content. You can also explore the details of my services and my portfolio, so please don't hesitate to contact me."

Note: Iwamoto Takashi's name order in English is "Takashi Iwamoto."

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NHK programs such as "Darwin ga Kita!" and "Wildlife," as well as public announcement videos for JETRO (Japan External Trade Organization) and Tanzania National Parks (TANAPA), among others. I have extensive experience in video filming for various television programs and public projects.

In addition to video production, I have a wealth of experience in photography, including projects such as shooting posters, brochures, calendars, lodges, colleges, factories, and farms.

I have been involved in photography in 12 African countries, including Kenya.

I also have experience in studio photography, providing high-quality photos and video production in a wide range of fields, including portraits, events, sports, and wildlife. I offer comprehensive services tailored to the client's needs, including image and video editing at a high level.

With my extensive experience living in East Africa, I have a strong command of Swahili and English, facilitating smooth communication in diverse cultures and environments. I studied at the Tanzania Wildlife Management Institute (Mweka), where I gained expertise in wildlife ecology and the identification of numerous bird species. I excel in capturing natural subjects in photography.

Contact Information

I look forward to exciting opportunities for new visual projects. Through collaboration with corporate clients and fellow filmmakers, I am eager to create new visual works together. Please feel free to contact me for project inquiries or technical requirements. I would be delighted to assist in any way I can.


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