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Nairobi-based photographer Takashi Iwamoto

Africa Photographer|Documentary Movie/Still

Takashi Iwamoto

Takashi Iwamoto

Based in East Africa and Kenya, we are conducting coverage in various African countries.

We also do various photo shoots, mainly video shoots for Japanese TV programs . (OPO Arte Factory Contract Photographer)

In addition, we also handle research for local coverage, coordination, and video editing.

Main activities, programs, countries, in no particular order
NHKBS1 "Earth Agora":

Zambia, 118th “What is tax? Citizens' feelings” , filming

Zambia, 216th "Let's ask the Agora around the world! Part 2" ? ] , filming

Zambia, 243rd ``Protecting the life of the hometown ① Gather!

Niger, 138th 'Living in a hot city ', filming

Sao Tome and Principe, 120th "Only one Japanese" , filming

Equatorial Guinea, 120th "Only one Japanese" , photo shoot

Tanzania, 184th "Earth Agora with you 'Going beyond' will change society @ Osaka University" [A small hero who removes landmines] , Research, Coordination, Filming

Kenya, 225th and 226th "End of the Year Special 2013 Agora's Choice! World Surprise News" , Filming


Ethiopia, "Everyone's Song" , filming

Fuji TV "Miracle Experience! Unbelievable"

Kenya, (episode of a crowd flocking to a dead hippo in a road accident) , filmed

Rwanda, (One Love Project, helping people injured in the civil war to become independent with prosthetic legs) , filming

South Africa, (story of rescuing a woman stuck in a cave) , filming

Kenya, ``A miraculous love story that transcends species'' , research, filming

Fuji TV "Trivia Fountain":

Kenya, (Coffee "heh") , filming

Kenya, (insect, stalk-eyed fly) , filming


TV Tokyo "This Japanese seems to be amazing"

South Sudan, (Japanese fighting with the support of the United Nations) , filming

TV Tokyo "Ryuta Sato's Earth Genki"

Gabon, (Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteers, activities of judo members) , filming

TV Tokyo "Kizuna"

Kenya, (Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteers, shiatsu therapist, story of self-reliance support for the visually impaired) , photography


NTV "Video Hunter! Dream Vision, Special"

Malawi, (Toshiro Shimazaki rushes into a mosquito pillar tornado) , research, coordination,


J ETRO GLOBAL EYE The world is now

Kenya, Uganda, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Tanzania, filming

NHK "Darwin is here!"

Kenya, 72nd, Series Slow Life ② "Chameleon Rari Kurari" , coordination

Tanzania, 97th, "1200 magnificent hippos! Large gathering of hippos" , coordination

Kenya, No. 314, "Actually the strongest! The real face of the hippopotamus" , coordination

​Kenya, "3 years of close contact! The story of the flocking cheetahs' bonds'" , video shooting (broadcast on May 2021, 5)

Mpata Safari Club , Calendar and Photo Shoot

Product photography for Kenya nuts , catalogs, calendars, posters

From January 2015 to April 2016, in Tanzania, all national parks, promotional documentary filming, photography, and drone videography.

(Mainly filming lions and cheetahs in Serengeti National Park)


Participated in NGO activities in Kenya for one year in 2019, almost stopped shooting activities

Fuji TV "Ainori" Tanzania, Kilimanjaro climbing part, video shooting

2020 and beyond

Kenya, NHK World,  Side by Side "Conquering COVID-19: Uganda & Kenya" Filming

Kenya, Lexus Design Award 2020 , filming

Kenya, NHK Wildlife "African Great Savanna Hunting with 5 cheetahs in a flock! Fight!" , filming

Kenya, NHK World, Side by Side ”Creating a Safe Space for Disabled Children” video shoot

Kenya, NHK "3 Years Together! The Story of Flocking Cheetahs 'Kizuna'" , Filming

Kenya, JETRO "Growing Kenya-Medical Device Decentralization-" , video shooting/editing

Kenya, JETRO "Growing Kenya -Agricultural Machinery Focus-" , video shooting/editing

Kenya, JETRO "Growing Kenya - Comprehensive bias (Japanese food, motorcycles, construction equipment) -" , video shooting/editing

Kenya, NHK, Olympic Games, Kenyan athletes, news material video, filming

Kenya, NHK "Five cheetahs in the African prairie, 'Olpadan' follow a strange fate!" , Filming

​Kenya, NHK "Arid Land Samburu Chasing Animal Survival Strategy" , Filming

Kenya, JETRO "Japanese Food Spreading in Africa (Series 'Kenya')" , Filming


In addition, universities, schools, factories, products, events, flyers, posters, calendars, photographs for publications, video shooting, etc.

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