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Takashi Iwamoto


Specializing in nature and wildlife photography and documentary film shooting.


Raising a Grebe, Chapter 3
"Chicks Targeted by Turtles"

Little Grebe Parenting, episode 3 "Chicks targeted by a Turtle"'

Ups and downs grebe parenting diary, episode 3, location is 2017 Tokyo, Inokashira Park Full of greenery, grebe breeding season. Four chicks that hatched smoothly. I thought it would be a peaceful day, but it didn't last long. There are many dangers around Hina. The chicks became targets for turtles. So what is the fate of the chicks? Please take a close look at the struggle of the grebe unfolding under the drizzle of cicadas. [Please note that there are scenes that require caution when viewing from 20 minutes 42 seconds] Continue with the video...

31 min Japanese / English 

Raising Little Grebes, Chapter 2
"Trials Awaiting Hina"

Little Grebe Parenting 'Danger of waiting for chicks'

Many dangers and difficulties that must be overcome in order for the chicks to grow.
The rigors of such a life are introduced through the breeding of grebes.

The second half is a cautionary tale, so if it's just a "cute" scene, I recommend watching only the first half.

13 min Japanese / English 

Raising a grebe, Chapter 1
"Never giving up on building a nest"

Little Grebe Parenting 'Nesting Without Giving Up'

The first pair of grebes to spawn in 2018 at Inokashira Park in Tokyo. I thought everything was going smoothly, but just before the eggs hatched, the nest was swept away and collapsed along with the eggs.
All the parent birds' hard work for a month was wasted.
Despite this, the pair did not give up, changed the location and rebuilt the nest, and successfully raised three chicks.
We will introduce how such a strong grebe struggles.

12 min Japanese / English 

Record of "Goshawk" Breeding
Record of 'Northern Goshawk' Breeding in Tokyo Metropolitan Park

In 2018, the location is Tokyo.
Goshawks have successfully bred for the second time in a park in the middle of the city.
Introducing how chicks grow from the middle of incubation to fledging.
The three small and fragile chicks are now ready to leave the nest thanks to the constant care of the parent birds.

21 min Japanese / English 
 Full HD

"Goshawk" Juvenile Standing on its own 2017
Northern Goshawk young bird leaving the nest

In 2017, in the heat of summer, goshawks bred in a park in Tokyo, and one fledg safely.
​Video recording of a young bird just before leaving the nest.

Introducing one aspect of the raptors that are advancing into urban areas.
5 min Japanese / English subtitles

 Full HD


Kenya too, bicycles and sports bikes are popular behind the scenes.
This video showcases the cycle event held in Nairobi on February 29, 2020.
More than 400 cyclists from small children to adults participated in the event.

8 min  English

Full HD

Through the Window "Weavers nest building"
Weaverbird Nesting/African Birds  

location is my home in Nairobi.
When I looked out the window, the drama of the birds was unfolding there.

​Small birds that live in Nairobi.
The video shows how the weaverbird nests. ​

6 min  English

SD 854x480
Original material 4K30P


If you look up at the night sky, the world of stars spreads endlessly.
A world of endless fascination.
Starry sky photos taken in East Africa, which is close to the equator, are summarized as a video with subtitles.

The video also introduces the starry sky in the southern sky, which cannot be seen from Japan.

12 min 26 sec English

SD 854x480
​Original material FHD

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