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Movie | Photographer, Takashi Iwamoto / Video / Photography | Africa


Cycle Event in Nairobi    "CRITICAL MASS"   29 Feb 2020

takashi iwamoto rogo white

Sports cycling is very hot in Nairobi right now!


At present, the reality is that sports cycles are generally not well known in Kenya.

Meanwhile, in Nairobi, an event is held at the end of every month with the aim of raising awareness of the sport cycle.

Its name is "CRITICAL MASS"

It wasn't a race, but a leisurely cycling trip around Nairobi.

Therefore, from small children to the elderly, everyone participates.

There is no procedure, it is free, and anyone with a bicycle can easily participate.

The number of participants is increasing with each event.

On general roads, we are usually driven by cars, and bicycles are narrow shoulders, but on this day the bicycle is the main role.

Men and women of all ages pedaled and sweated refreshingly.

Due to the corona commotion, it is not being held now, but I can't wait for the next time that the commotion will subside.

​We have put together an 8 minute video of the event.

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