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Takashi Iwamoto

Photo Gallery | Photographer, Takashi Iwamoto / Video / Photography | Africa

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As the sphere of human activity expands, wild animals are rapidly losing their place to go even in Africa.

Even though they are protected within the reserve, they have lived freely roaming over a much larger area since time immemorial. But now it's where people live.

If they can no longer live,

Is such an environment a comfortable place for us humans?

An irreplaceable life that cannot be returned once lost. Life has been connected without interruption since ancient times. It is now in the hands of the people.

"Goshawk" A bird of prey that has advanced into the city
Northern Goshawk”  -Raptors in urban Tokyo-

Goshawk, a bird of prey that was almost never seen in cities a decade ago and was once threatened with extinction.

Thanks to their generous protection, they have recently bred in a number of urban parks, and their numbers seem to be increasing year by year.

In the middle of the murky city, I was fascinated by the wild appearance of the goshawk, which shines conspicuously, and started going to the park.

Here's a collection of goshawk photos I've collected over the course of a year.


Little Grebe
Littre Grebe”  -in urban Tokyo-

The grebe is commonly seen in park ponds. Despite its small size, it is strong-willed and aggressive.
Even a cormorant with a body larger than two times can't come near.
The grebe's strength is used to protect and nurture its tiny chicks. His love for Hina is outstanding.
In order to protect its chicks, it keeps its eyes wide open even during sleep and never neglects its surroundings.

Through the viewfinder, I learned that there are many other threats to Hina besides foreign enemies. Dangers unique to waterfowl.

Here are some photographs of the ups and downs of raising a grebe.


In 1996, I first stayed in Zambia.
After staying for a while, I visited several times.
Even after the passage of time, the brilliance of people's eyes and the beauty of the setting sun remained the same.
Some of the most impressive and memorable experiences...
A country that has greatly changed the values of living.

Endless land and horizon.

The sun rises from the vast land and then sets, dyeing the sky red.

That scene is still engraved in my heart and mind.

I tried to summarize the photographs taken at that time, focusing on people's lives.


The universal slogan, "Smile"

African children's smiles shined brightly, and I got a lot of energy.

Humans can communicate with smiles even if they do not understand the language.

Even strangers from other countries can quickly become friends with a smile.

A smile has great power.

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