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Video Filming Services

We adjust the shooting style and concept to meet your specific requirements.We offer remote shooting services that can accommodate clients from any country worldwide.

We are also available for on-location shooting in countries other than Kenya, with no restrictions on the duration.


Video Filming, Customized Plans

We cater to various genres of filming, including wildlife documentaries, human documentaries, events, sports, advertising, news footage, corporate profiles, and more, both domestically and internationally. Our extensive experience in a wide range of shooting fields serves as a strong backbone to meet your diverse visual needs.

Regarding equipment selection, we customize it according to the subject and shooting conditions. We choose the most suitable equipment based on the situation, whether it's special lenses like fisheye, super telephoto, macro lenses, audio recording equipment like shotgun and lavalier microphones, lighting equipment, and more.

Furthermore, we also offer remote shooting for requests from outside Kenya, including Japan. With today's well-connected internet environment, remote shooting has become quite convenient. Through video conferencing and real-time communication, we can actively participate in your shooting project. Creative collaboration knows no geographical boundaries.

Feel free to contact us for more details. We'll be happy to provide further information.

Video Basic Package

We've prepared a cost-effective basic package that offers professional filming and editing consistently. It's ideal for video production needs such as corporate profiles, NGO activities, research institutions' introduction videos, social media marketing, online advertising campaigns, event promotions, product demonstrations, and more.

Filming: The included filming in the basic package typically has a time constraint of approximately 3 hours, and the resulting video is less than 5 minutes in length.

Pricing: The price for both filming and editing starts at 38,000 KES and varies depending on the project's complexity, editing requirements, equipment usage, and other factors. We also offer additional options like narration and text overlay, which can be customized as needed. Please inquire for more details.


Feel free to ask any questions.

I look forward to working on your visual project. I would be delighted to hear any requests or ideas you have. I'm committed to giving my all to provide the best results tailored to your needs. I'm here for your questions, discussions, and to hear about new projects. Please feel free to get in touch.

Contact Information

I look forward to exciting opportunities for new visual projects. Through collaboration with corporate clients and fellow filmmakers, I am eager to create new visual works together. Please feel free to contact me for project inquiries or technical requirements. I would be delighted to assist in any way I can.


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