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Photography Services

We capture professional-quality emotions and beauty to enhance your business.

We offer remote photography services that can accommodate clients from any country worldwide.

We are also available for on-location photography in countries other than Kenya, with no restrictions on the duration.



We cater to a wide range of genres.

Portrait Photography: Capture beautiful portraits that highlight individuality. We create captivating profiles for employees and executives.

Event Photography:

Preserve the energy and emotions of events through photography. Record and share important moments at business events and seminars.

Sports Photography:

Share the excitement of sports through action-packed and passionate sports photography.

Product Photography:

Enhance the appeal of products and services to contribute to increased sales.

Food Photography:

Present your restaurant's menu attractively with mouthwatering food photography.

News Photography:

Effectively convey important corporate events and project progress through precise and impactful photography.

Research Facility and Business Introduction Photography:

Provide visually compelling photos that capture research projects and business activities. We capture critical moments, achievements, and detailed business activities at a professional level, supporting visual storytelling. This ensures that research outcomes and business activities are clearly communicated, evoking empathy and interest.

Architecture Photography:

Support real estate projects by using architecture photography to highlight the personality of buildings.

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Portrait & Fashion

Photo Editing Services

Our photo editing services enhance photos to make them more attractive and professional, strengthening your brand's visual identity.

Color Grading and Tone Adjustment: We use photo color grading to emphasize specific moods and tones. We adjust the colors and tones of photos, ranging from bright and vibrant color palettes to chic and monochrome styles.

Retouching: Retouching enhances the subject's best features, improving skin smoothness, teeth whitening, wrinkle reduction, and more to showcase the model's beauty.

Image Compositing: We combine multiple photos or elements to create new images.

Other Photo Editing: We accommodate your special requests. We support creative photo editing projects, including applying custom filters, inserting text or logos, and adding special effects.

Takashi Iwamoto's photo editing services are customized to meet your specific needs. We do our best to bring any ideas or requests to life. Please feel free to reach out.



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Human Documentary

Contact Information

I look forward to exciting opportunities for new visual projects. Through collaboration with corporate clients and fellow filmmakers, I am eager to create new visual works together. Please feel free to contact me for project inquiries or technical requirements. I would be delighted to assist in any way I can.


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