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BLOG: Katte Kimama

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Introducing the video, Raising a grebe, Chapter 3 "Chicks Targeted by Turtles"

Raising a grebe, Chapter 3 "Chicks Targeted by Turtles" has been uploaded to YouTube.

A masterpiece over 30 minutes! ? It has become.

A video of the grebe that is currently in a trilogy.

The shooting location is Tokyo Inokashira Park.

A grebe that has returned to breed after kaibori (changing the water in the pond).

Chapter 1 to Chapter 3, but they are all different pairs.

The pair that appears in Chapter 3 is the pair that bred in the previous year in the same place as Chapter 1, "Never Give Up". Maybe it's the same pair over the years.

The shooting period is as follows.

  • Chapter 1 "Never Give Up Nest Building" End of April to end of June 2018

  • Chapter 2 "Trial Awaiting Hina" End of June to beginning of July 2017

  • Book 3 "Chicks Targeted by Turtles" Mid-July to mid-August 2017

After filming the video for Chapter 3, "Chicks Targeted by Turtles," from the end of 2017, the pond was rewatered.

After draining the water from the pond, the bottom of the pond was dried in the sun, and foreign species were exterminated along with the garbage that sank to the bottom.

Anyway, 5 years have passed.

Eradication of kaibori and alien species

The grebe took refuge somewhere while the water was being drained by the ravine.

Where have you been?

As soon as the pond was filled with water, the grebes returned to the pond.

Apparently, grebes are not good at flying, but they may be surprisingly good at flying.

The Mississippi Red-eared Slider, which did not appear in Chapter 1, is originally an alien species that did not exist naturally in Japan.

In the third chapter, "Hina Targeted by Turtles," she plays the main supporting role in the story.

This is an introduction to the ecology of wild birds disturbed by such alien species.

Possibly, the supporting turtle that appears in the story may have been exterminated by the kaibori that was held at the end of this year.

The following year, in 2018, at the same location, in Chapter 1 of Grebe Parenting, the Red-eared Slider does not appear.

After the scavenging, the number of Mississippi Slider turtles decreased considerably, but there were still quite a few hardy survivors.

Even though it is an alien species, it is a living creature.

They also adapt to their new environment and hunt in order to survive and to leave offspring.

They didn't go out of their way to come to foreign lands that they didn't know about because they liked it, but they were always the result of actions by humans for humans.

There are many things to think about when introducing alien species.

Some wild birds are in trouble because of alien species! I would appreciate it if you could watch this video.

Is it safe for grebes to raise their young if there are no alien species? Not at all.

Such menacing companions! ? I'd like to introduce some of them.

I'm the owner of this place, and I've been living here for a long time.

A soft-shelled turtle, which is not often seen in places where the same turtle mate, the Mississippi Red-eared Slider, is. When the Mississippi slider became rare, this soft-shelled turtle became more common.

In the turtle community, they probably kept their distance from each other.

Besides turtles, there are many creatures that interfere with grebe breeding.

Love you! And there are a lot of guys who carelessly approach the chicks.

The chicks that target the chicks, this pair does not appear in Chapter 3.

Chapter 3, Chicks Targeted by Turtles, focuses exclusively on the grebe family that bred near the gourd bridge in July-August 2017.

The story begins when the nest has already been completed and eggs have been laid.

And what awaits the peaceful grebe family with the four chicks hatching smoothly?

For more information, please watch the video.

striped snake being kicked out

Those looking for grebe chicks come from all over.

To protect the chicks, the parent birds never let their guard down.

I've attached chapters 1 and 2 below.

Chapter 2, "Trials Awaiting Hina" is about Benten Pond in 2017.

There were 4 chicks when shooting started, and originally there were 6.

A trial awaited the chicks.

It's going to be a sad story.

This is the grebe parenting chapter 1, the grebe parenting that was covered in chapter 3, and the next year in the same place.

In this story, the grebes face trials, but they manage to overcome them and grow.

Please take a look.

All of them were taken in Inokashira Park, Tokyo.

Grebe, a wild bird that can be seen in quite a lot of ponds and lakes.

By all means, I recommend that you take a pair of binoculars and see the adorable yet strong grebes with your own eyes.

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Please understand that the meaning may be slightly different.

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