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BLOG: Katte Kimama

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I summarized the changes in sunspots in a video

Updated: Aug 11, 2022

I tried to summarize the state of the change of the sunspot for one month in the video.

Please watch it.


About the process of putting together the video,

The sun is as interesting as you can see.

Of course, the manager himself does not feel it.

People only know about themselves,

The reason why I am not completely interested is the dynamic movement of sunspots that occur on the surface.

It's like a living thing, and when it appears, it disappears, and when it disappears, it appears, and it makes unexpected movements. It's exciting when a particularly large sunspot appears and appears.

It is interesting that its activities directly affect the changes in the Earth's climate, the occurrence of earthquakes, the occurrence of lightning, and even the activities of humankind.

It is said that the frequency of lightning and the rotation cycle of the sun are linked properly.

If you watch the video, you can see that even if there are large sunspots, there are almost no sunspots on the back side. From such a thing, it seems to be convincing that the occurrence of lightning is linked.

Hmm, isn't it that the generation of sunspots and clouds are linked?

There was a long period of sunspots, and from the year before last, there were quite a few floods in China last year.

Sunspots are on the rise, don't make a noise in China this year.

I can't say it all because I'm making noise elsewhere.

El Nino and La Niña, which are closely related to climate change, are also linked to changes in the solar activity period.

The manager woke up to such a sun because of the sun that he observed after a long time on the day of the summer solstice two years ago.

At that time, I couldn't see the sunspots that I took for granted.

Reference: Partial solar eclipse, the whole story of the partial solar eclipse seen on June 21, 2020.

why? I searched online and found that the days when sunspots did not occur have continued to break the record.

Isn't it dangerous? Will the earth cool down? I became interested in it, and started shooting the surface of the sun to this day.

There are quite a few hollows.

Especially when the cloudy days continue, the tension drops.

The shooting equipment is easily a single-lens reflex camera with a 300mm telephoto lens and a teleconverter.

It's a handheld shoot.

reference: Sun photography technique! How to shoot sunspots and precautions

The reason for hand-held shooting is that you can easily prepare and shoot the sun that appears for a moment in the gaps between clouds, especially on cloudy days. Especially when shooting through a gap in the window of a house. (It's omission)

About 20 shots are taken, and some of them with high resolution are selected. The shutter speed is fast, so it's a possible technique.

Isn't it really troublesome to install it on a tripod? (cold sweat)

I wonder if it will last for a long time because I can cut corners in various ways.

I'm sure it is.

Another advantage I have is to distinguish between sunspots and dust on the imaging surface. I finish the image by compositing several sheets, but there is an advantage that it is easy to distinguish that the thing that moves for each layer is dust.

The lens is Nikon AFS Nikkor 300mm f4D, The teleconverter has 2x 2 and 1.4x 1 for a total of 5.6x, and the combined focal length is 1680mm. The camera uses D800E.

I have tried various methods of processing the captured images and have continued to this day.

I think it's finally decided recently. This is a trade secret.

Finally, compare it to the sun image of the space weather news and put out the north.

The sun is the light source of the daylight

So, of course, if you shoot with the daylight color temperature set to 5500K, it will be pure white.

The picture is far from the sun that you generally imagine.

Black grains on the surface of the pure white sun, no different from black-and-white photographs.

Speaking of the sun, the general image is orange.

So, aiming for the image of the sun, I'm making the final finish so that it becomes an orange sun by tinkering with various images.

This time, from May 6th to June 6th, I was able to shoot without interruption for a month.

I came to put it together in a video.

In fact, video editing is quick, but it takes more time and effort than I expected to finish the sun material.

Still, the color of the sun and the date are different!

That is a future issue.

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